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Iced coffee made with real coffee. How radically authentic is that? April 3, 2009

As you can see from this enticing sign outside its Shoreditch (London) location, apostrophe, the UK café, which, according to its website,…

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Gibraltar, San Francisco’s cult coffee, comes to London March 25, 2009

Could you fall for a coffee that’s shorter than a latte but taller than a macchiato (an espresso “marked” with a…

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My first – and last – pizza made with mozzarella from British buffaloes March 24, 2009

My new discovery at the Islington Farmers’ Market this past Sunday was organic British mozzarella di bufala from Higher Alham Farm,…

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My burger doneness color strip March 19, 2009

Looking at them now these almost look more like Mark Rothko paintings than hamburgers.

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When is a cappuccino like a blueberry muffin? March 19, 2009

Before returning to London from New York I sent this Tweet from El Beit coffee bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (map): If…

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Does anyone know what rare is anymore? March 18, 2009

When I ordered my bespoke burger rare at the Santa Monica  (California) location of The Counter, my waitress asked, “Do you…

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A siphon coffee at LAMILL COFFEE in 4 minutes & 15 images March 17, 2009


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The world’s best New York pastrami is still not in New York March 14, 2009

How much heat did I, a native New Yorker and food critic for the hometown Daily News, take for insisting that…

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Spared the disgrace of a cow’s milk cappuccino March 1, 2009

Caffe Luxxe pulls some of LA’s best espresso shots and, situated amid the casual-chic shops of Santa Monica’s moneyed Montana Ave, it…

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Cold olive oil spread February 13, 2009

By freezing and then partially thawing extra virgin olive oil, three-star chef Gérard Passédat of Le Petit Nice in Marseille transforms EVOO…

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