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Alain Passard’s Secret Luxury: the Chicken Egg January 29, 2012

When I saw pans of exquisitely decapitated egg shells protecting their reloaded yolks from direct contact with the simmering water I…

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My 15 Minutes with Macaron Maestro Pierre Hermé November 15, 2011

Suspense was the flavour on my tongue as I approached the London Hilton at Park Lane for a short interview with Pierre Hermé….

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Review of my Paris local, before bistro was named world’s 11th best restaurant April 28, 2010

I wrote this review of Le Chateaubriand for bloomberg in Feb 2007. Back then it was not yet the world’s 11th best…

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Tout Paris papered with image of Gainsbourg’s nose January 1, 2010

I could never tell if my friend the French actor Eric Elmosnino was amused, annoyed or merely bored when he was…

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Getting cornered at a Parisian brasserie September 15, 2009

Table preference is often determined by features unique to a particular brasserie. At Bofinger, for example, first-time diners and habitués alike…

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For chocolate, a matcha made in heaven May 13, 2009

Published in The Los Angeles Times – May 13, 2009 At a glance, the cross-cultural dessert pairing of chocolate and matcha,…

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Bistro steak with Béarnaise sauce February 11, 2009

Parisian bistro chefs invariably prefer the sizzling sear of a frypan to that of a charcoal or wood-fired grill for their…

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