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Joseph’s ladder & the vineyards of Aversa August 25, 2009

The major work at the Beuys Is Here exhibition on view at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill until the 27th of…

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Floored by a bottle of super Tuscan July 30, 2009

At a dinner party in West London two nights ago I was nearly floored by a bottle of 2004 Lucciolaio from Torraccia di…

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Would you like your wine al dente? December 29, 2008

The logic to Devine’s metaphorical flourish is inescapable:

If, (A), al dente, an Italian expression meaning “to the teeth”, is commonly used to describe the firm, desirably chewy texture of pasta and, (B), “chewy” is an accepted term in the wine lexicon for fleshy, firm-structured, full-bodied wines, then, (C), the Domaine Gay-Coperet Moulin à Vent tastes like fettuccine.

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