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You can measure the success of a BurgerMonday pop-up by the intensity of its bittersweet afterglow. The guest chefs seduce, thrill and satisfy you in the evening with the burgers they’ve created for the occasion. But then, as with most one-night stands, they leave you feeling confused and abandoned in the morning. You recall the excitement of the prior night, hug your pillow and wonder: Will I ever see that burger again?

Richard Turner may be the first BurgerMonday chef to respond to that question with a qualified yes. He has no plans to repeat his 16 May pop-up performance or serve its sensationally drippy, two-cheese, one-off Gray’s Inn burger at Hawksmoor. But the patty itself, a gorgeous 180g mosaic of short rib (31%) shoulder (31%), fillet chain (31%) and marrow (7%) specked with fragments of fat left intact through a single, coarse grind, can be ordered from East London Steak Co, where Turner is the director.

The Gray’s Inn burger patty is, however, only available for a month. Those who expect even more of a commitment from Turner and East London Steak will have to flood them with tweets and vote on Facebook for the Gray’s Inn as the very best in their Burger Monthly series. The burger patty with the most votes will be extended beyond its one-month run.

The other alternative is to gradually lose interest in those two hunks, namely Turner and his Gray’s Inn burger, and turn your affections towards the next BurgerMonday one-night stand.