What’s the most outrageous pizza topping you’ve ever tried– or sworn off ever trying? Pineapple? Spaghetti? Hot dogs? Sauerkraut? Kimchee? Pastrami? Tortilla chips?

The great Stefano Callegari of Sforno Pizza e Vino in Rome tops his Cacio e Pepe Pizza with a base layer of – I kid you not – ice cubes. I had the opportunity to ask Stefano what purpose this served when he presented this creation at the pizza show organised by Ferrarelle for the 2017 Taste of London Food Festival in The Regent’s Park.

The pizza layering with cacio (grated Pecorino Romano “cheese”), pepe (ground black pepper), extra virgin ollive oil over ice cubes was a lip-smacking hit with the Bobbies.