One week ago I asserted that devouring a St John Bakery custard doughnut was the best thing to do on a Saturday morning in London. The food blogosphere disagreed: MiMi of Meemalee’s Kitchen said she could think of something else she’d rather be doing. Katrina The Gastronomical Me drew attention to a major oversight.

They were right, I was wrong: The best thing to do on a Saturday morning is to devour a St John doughnut AND sip a Monmouth Coffee. The two sensations originate seconds apart. Monmouth’s roastery (map), entered on the Maltby Street side of same railway arches, is open to the public on Saturday’s from 9am to 2pm for savoring great coffee and killing sweet time. You can purchase beans, too.

You can be forgiven for thinking there ‘s cream inside a silky-smooth Monmouth latte, as there is in a St John doughnut. One way Monmouth leads the top 10 coffee shops in London is by using organic Jersey whole milk from Jeff Bowles in Somerset in its silky-smooth lattes. Their richness helps wean you off the custard doughnuts.