You don’t have to be a pizza obsessive to attend a PizzaTuesday but you do risk becoming one if you do. With this series, elevates the pizza experience via informal tastings, demos and discussions at London’s most distinctive pizzerias. There is, however, an ulterior motive: by assembling groups of passionate eaters, no one is limited to trying 1 or 2 varieties. Pizza is best played as a team sport.

The first Pizza Tuesday will be held on 02/02 at 7:30pm at Datte Foco (see map), a new N16 pizzeria devoted to pizza al taglio (“cut” pizza) and pizza bianca romana. Brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and rosemary, Rome’s “white pizza” is comparable to focaccia, only its crispier, with irregular air pockets that surrender delightfully to the chew. Pizzaiolo Herbie Leonelli’s Londinese version bears the rough topography unique to authentic pizza bianca romana.

For Pizza Tuesday Leonelli will serve his bianca as a starter with an assortment of Italian cheeses and salume. A succession of pizza al taglio will follow, each bearing different toppings or combinations. One particularly succulent topping will be smuggled into London from Rome for the occasion. To conclude, Leonelli will bring back the bianca, this time split open for two takes on “stuffed” pizza ripiena. The fee for this PizzaTuesday, including wine or beer, is £18. Space is limited.