luigi condurroThe very first pizza of PizzaTuesday Naples, the young&foodish group tour of the world’s pizza capital, was shaped by the hands of Luigi Condurro at the legendary L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele.

The master pizzaiolo lightly pinched the corners of the uncooked pizza and stretched it over the pizza peel, using the edges of that long-handled wood paddle to hold the flattened dough’s drawn-out shape.

Luigi the virtuoso voiced his love for pizza with his fingertips, even when addressing the question asked and answered in the short video above.

da michele margherita

Luigi is the son of Michele Condurro, who gave the pizzeria its name, and the grandson of Salvatore Condurro Sr, who founded the family Neapolitan pizza business in 1870. The Condurros moved Da Michele to its current location on Via Cesare Sersale in 1930.

The crowds at Da Michele are as much a fixture outside as Luigi is inside. The pizzeria turns tables as quickly as its pizzaioli turn pizzas, assembling each Margherita or Marinara, the only varieties available, in one minute and cooking it in another. Though the wait is rarely longer than an hour it can be an excruciating 60 minutes given how good the pizza is.

PizzaTuesday Naples will return in late October for intimate meet-and-eats with Luigi as well as a new generation of Neapolitan pizza greats like Franco Pepe, Enzo Coccio and Ciro Salvo. If your want to try the third-best, second-best and first-best pizzas of your life in 24 hours you’ll want to join us.

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