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A critic’s revelation: not all dishes are to all tastes January 19, 2010

Few clichés in food criticism are as vacuous as this observation commonly applied to exotic cuisines: Not all dishes will be…

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Guardian critic likens squid to a Durex June 15, 2009

In his review of The Wine Theatre on London’s South Bank, the Guardian’s Matthew Norman quotes the expert opinion of his…

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The Guardian’s Matthew Norman is either derelict or diabetic in his duties April 12, 2009

My first objection to Norman’s review of The Crown Inn in the London commuter county of Buckinghamshire may sound like a quibble, but it does…

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Do you have to be fat to be a great cook? January 13, 2009

In his review of Corrigan’s Mayfair in London, Matthew Norman devotes the first 285 words to a single hypothesis: The best professional…

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