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Pizza Good Enough for Rome but not London March 10, 2013

What a shame Datte Foco didn’t have a more central location. Or a more stylish look. Or a more hospitable welcome…

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When Rome’s Pope of Pasta Popped Up in London, Minus His Secondo May 13, 2012

[slider_pro id=”1″] When I received Arcangelo Dandini‘s shopping list for the SpagWednesday alla Matriciana pop-up dinner last October I was relieved to see the great…

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Family Frames Vision of Chef Massimo Riccioli April 15, 2012

[slider_pro id=”8″]   I don’t look at Massimo Riccioli of Rome’s la Rosetta and see only a truly great chef….

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The Best £2.10 Pizza Slice in London February 5, 2012

The most casual follower of young&foodish already knows I am a most passionate supporter of Datte Foco, the Roman-style pizza shop...
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Roman pizzeria to London: “Datte Foco” January 20, 2010

These days it’s easy to pick out the Italian expats on Stoke Newington Church St. They’re the ones picking their jaws…

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World’s thickest, moussiest espresso crema November 12, 2009

The technique used by Rome’s renowned Caffè Sant’Eustachio to produce an astoundingly thick, foamy head of crema atop its signature Gran…

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Roman gladiator wakes from the dead November 10, 2009

first espresso of the morning, Caffè Sant’Eustachio, Rome

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Pizza bianca romana conquers Londinium June 6, 2009

The City of London was founded around 50 AD, when Emperor Claudius and his Roman army built a fortified settlement on…

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