Amongst several tiny outlets for baozi – Chinese steamed buns – along Newport Court, near the Leicester Square tube station in London’s Chinatown, only the pork bun from the takeaway bun stall operated by Yang Guang Supermarket looks, feels and eats like a burger.

A street food favourite in the heart of the West End, Yang Guang stuffs each bun with a plump little patty of minced and marinated pork, its juices easily absorbed by the piping-hot fluff all around it. As viewed in the photo at the top of this post I’ve squirted the pork not with ketchup but with Sriacha hot sauce.

Importantly, the meat filling, hand-shaped into one solid piece, is not mealy, mushy, strippy, chunky, BBQy, cabbage-y or sweet as it can be with other baozi. Sure enough there’s a burger in that bun – a fresh, moist, tasty, £1.70 Chinese pork burger.

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