Where to Eat Pizza, by Young & Foodish’s Daniel Young, is the ultimate insiders’ guide to the best pizza places in the world: 1,705 selections in 48 countries chosen by 121 regional experts and 956 pizza informants.

The guide’s vast scope suits a food of such universal popularity and emotional power: we argue about which is the best with the same ardor, conviction and love that we devote to every bite of it.

In the best of hands pizza is the world’s fastest slow food: the dough can take 24 hours to develop, then bake into a pizza crust in as little as a minute. It is an impulse food that instantly melts the resistance of two groups of diners more petulant and more difficult to please than any other: famous chefs and six-year-olds.

How do you like it?

Thick-crust or thin-crust? Round or square? Crisp or forgiving? Pan-baked or stone-baked? Creative or old school? Lightly dressed or piled on? Wholesome or trashy?

In Where To Eat Pizza every side in the raging pizza wars has its champions. The guide’s pizza cognoscenti –1,000+ food critics, chefs, bakers and pizza pros – have drawn the battle lines, comprehensively mapping out the high ground of pizza everywhere with their recommendations and insider tips. In their minds the true title of this exhaustive guide is…

Where You Have to Go to Eat Pizza

“There are two kinds of books in this world: those everyone ought to read, and those that you must own. Phaidon’s latest launch, Where To Eat Pizza, is both.”

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