Don’t be fooled by the footage in Paul Winch-Furness‘ video of the second @BurgerMonday #LondonBurgerBash, held 7-8 April 2013 at Camden Town Brewery.

I suspect Paul edited the video so that amongst 500 participants you see only the ones who don’t look too stressed. Sure, the London food obsessives left in the final cut may appear as though they’re having an easy time of it, eating their burgers, sipping their beers, enjoying the burger-off vibe. But each was required to evaluate 6 burgers from 6 competitors in less than 4 hours before voting for the one most deserving of the #GoldenPattyAward. Their decision was made all the more difficult by the strength of the deep field:



LondonBurgerBash 2 was the second of four heats in the group stage of the championship. The first, #LondonBurgerBash 1 (see video), was won by Fred Smith. The third – #LondonBurgerBash 3 – will take place later this month.  The winners of the four heats will compete in the championship finals, to be held in April 2014.

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