When, on November 22nd, I took my Naples VIP Pizza Tour to Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo the last thing I expected was that we would be made to sit in the queue. My idea of a VIP welcome is being shepherded through the hordes waiting outside the restaurant to the most desirable location within.

But rather than roll out the red carpet for us, as expected, the Sorbillo waiters set up a red table, on the street.

I was red with embarrassment, dismayed by what the world-renowned pizzaiolo and consummate showman had – or, more to the point, didn’t have – in mind for our visit.

I wasn’t really that have worried, as you will see in the short video below: The best seat in the house, any house, is nothing compared to the best seat outside the house, Gino’s House, at the little red Formica table, on the Via dei Tribunali, at the epicentre of the pizza universe.


My next Naples VIP Pizza Tour will be March 21st-22nd. For more info click here.